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Special Email Template for Customer Membership
============================= ============================= ======
A predefined email template is provided only to send confirmation of the membership action plan. A shortcode is also available to reduce template creation time. These shortcodes automatically select customer name, active plan, plan information.

The administrator can edit the template or create a new template. It has a WYSIWYG editor that takes HTML and text content.

Overview of OpenCart Customer Membership Extensions

============================ ============================== =============

It is the most powerful, feature-rich and easy-to-use module and extension for OpenCart website. And especially with this extension, the administrator can add various membership plans for the website in different languages.

The plans will have a maximum number of products that can be active at a time where a paying customer can join as a member of a customer group to receive a special discount for purchasing products from the website.

There is an email template section where the admin can create an email template that is used only for membership plans. Additionally, the Administrator can easily update the plan at any time and receive notification of the plan via mail before the plan expires.

This extension to the Membership Plan helps segment customers into different groups, for example, Silvers, Gold, Primer, Basic, and more.

General Setting for Customer Membership Plan ==================================================================================== ========== The most reliable and easy to use module is the OpenCart website. The admin can select the product that should be displayed in the list or grid format on the customer membership page to give the option to show those matching the website theme. Membership products will show you the plan you have purchased. Assign order status when customers join, default is completed. Admin, canceled, delivered, expired, completed, etc. can choose situations such as.

In the product image thumbnail tab, you can add a measurement of your product in Width × Height format. You can also set the page limit on pages such as Plan page limit, Customer plan page limit, Customer plan history page limit, Customer payment history page limit.

This extension provides many options for customization module that manages membership all plans with different prices and discounts, customer can also renew membership plan.

Administrator can change the default design by adding CSS code in the Custom CSS tab. CSS code applied instantly to the popup.

✔ Choose how to display products: Listview or Grdiview

✔ Email templates.

✔ Set order status when customers join.

✔ Adjust product width and height.

✔ The number of plans must be shown on the signal page.

✔ Set the department plan limit for the customer plan page.

✔ Customer plan and payment history page pagination limit.

✔ Multi-language support.

Creating a Customer Membership Plan in OpenCart

============================ ============================== ====

1.Go to TMD Membership Menu → Select customer membership → Here admin can create Plans

2. Create Plans. Write the Title and description of the plan. There is also a sub-description that will be displayed above the join membership button. Add SEO related information meta title, description, keywords.

3. Add the Property image of the plan. Write SEO URL in multiple languages.

4.In the Connection tab, → Administrator can select products, categories and select the store where the membership plan will be displayed. Select categories to allow all products linked to that category to be available in the plan.

5. Give the plan duration in days, months or years. The administrator can select only one for the plan period. Enter Plan Price.

6.Administrator can set discounts for customer groups. All customer groups will be listed there, enter the discount in percentage or leave it. Special discounts will be applied to the customer group.

7.Customers linked to the customer group will receive discounts if available.

8. In Property Tab → Type the list of properties one by one. Administrator can assign sort order for proper display of properties.

9.Color Tab → Administrator can choose colors to make the plans look good and match the website theme.

Different Color Theme to Plans

Give ===================================================================

When a website has multiple membership plans like sliver, gold, platinum and others. Then there must be some color difference. This is why the module gives color settings for each plan.

For each membership plan, the top background, bottom background, top text and subtitle colors can be adjusted from the color setting tab.

The administrator can give different colors to the plans so that customers can easily distinguish each plan and its features. It helps customers remember and encourages them to join the membership.

Work Perfectly with Multi-Languages

============================= ============================

OpenCart membership module has multi-language compatibility. In the product page and membership tabs, the admin can find multiple languages in which they can write the plan history, payment history, plan title, plan history, payment history, priority and other text that the customer reads. If your website uses a non-English language. The extension will then display the age membership plan content in the same languages. When the customer changes the language on the front-end, the module also shows the selected language content based on the language.

TMD always cares about its customers and clients. For this reason, all modules and themes created are multi-language compatible. It works seamlessly with multiple languages.

Supports OpenCart 2.x and 3.x versions

========================== =========================

TMD made this module to work on OpenCart versions 2.x and 3.x. A module can be easily installed via the install module section in the admin section of your website. Because this module uses OCMOD. The kernel does not overwrite files. It also works with lead-based online websites.

All our modules, extensions and themes are plug and play. Just install it and you're ready to use it immediately.

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