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Our site keeps protecting consumer rights among its top priority rules. In this sense, any product or service-related problems you experience while shopping on our Site are evaluated meticulously and resolved as soon as possible.

Relevant consumer rights law article (Right of Withdrawal Article 8): Contracts regarding services performed instantly in the electronic environment and goods delivered instantly to the consumer are not subject to the provisions regarding the right of withdrawal and its use.

Since our web applications are a service/software delivered to our customers electronically, it is not possible to return them physically. Once our customers have the software, there is no right of withdrawal due to a physical return, as they may keep a copy of the software without our knowledge.

It should not be forgotten that "contracts regarding books, digital content and computer consumables presented in material media, if the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after the delivery of the goods" are outside the scope of the right of withdrawal.

However, for products outside the scope of the above article;

How Many Days Is the Return Period (Right of Withdrawal)?

Buyer; In distance contracts for the sale of goods, the customer has the right to withdraw from the contract by rejecting the goods within fourteen days from the date of receipt of the goods, without assuming any legal or criminal liability and without giving any reason (Except for Products for which the Right of Withdrawal cannot be exercised). In distance contracts for service provision, this period starts on the date the contract is signed. If it is agreed in the contract that the performance of the service will be carried out before the end of the fourteen-day period, the consumer may exercise his right of withdrawal until the date on which the performance begins. Expenses arising from the exercise of the right of withdrawal belong to the seller.

In order to exercise the right of withdrawal, the Buyer must notify the Seller by fax, telephone or e-mail as stated above within a period of fourteen days and the goods/services must be sold within the framework of the provisions of Article 4 of the Distance Sales Agreement and which is an integral part of this Agreement and is available on the website In accordance with the preliminary information published on the website, the packaging and its contents must be undamaged and can be offered for resale by the Seller. Return procedures within the scope of the Right of Withdrawal are included in the Distance Selling Agreement. If this right is exercised, it is mandatory to return the original invoice for the goods/services delivered to the third party or the Buyer. The goods/service fee and delivery costs will be refunded to the Buyer within 14 (fourteen) days following the receipt of the notice regarding the right of withdrawal, and the buyer is obliged to return the goods/service within 10 (ten) days. If the original invoice is not sent, VAT and other legal obligations, if any, cannot be refunded to the Buyer.

If there is a decrease in the value of the goods or a return becomes impossible due to a reason arising from the Buyer's fault, the Buyer is obliged to compensate the Seller for the damage to the extent of the fault. Payments can be made using credit card, EFT or money transfer methods.

We provide free support only for theme and module related problems. We do not provide training, content or design change support. We recommend you to watch opencart usage videos on YouTube before purchasing.

Products for which the right of withdrawal cannot be exercised

Goods/services that cannot be returned due to their nature, goods/services that deteriorate rapidly and expire, disposable goods/services, and all kinds of software and programs that can be copied. In addition, in order to exercise the right of withdrawal in all kinds of software and programs, DVD, DIVX, VCD, CD, MD, video cassettes, computer and stationery consumables (toner, cartridge, ribbon and similar) and cosmetic materials, the packaging of the goods/services must be unopened, intact and unused. There is a requirement that they be.

a) Contracts regarding goods or services whose prices change depending on fluctuations in financial markets and are not under the control of the seller or provider.

b) Contracts regarding goods prepared in line with the wishes or personal needs of the consumer.

c) Contracts for the delivery of goods that can quickly deteriorate or expire.

ç) Goods whose protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal, package have been opened after delivery; Contracts regarding the delivery of those whose return is not suitable in terms of health and hygiene.

d) Contracts regarding goods that are mixed with other products after delivery and cannot be separated due to their nature.

e) Contracts regarding books, digital content and computer consumables presented in tangible form, provided that the protective elements such as packaging, tape, seal and package have been opened after the delivery of the goods.

f) Contracts regarding the delivery of periodicals such as newspapers and magazines, other than those provided within the scope of the subscription agreement.

g) Contracts regarding accommodation, goods transportation, car rental, food and beverage supply and utilization of free time for entertainment or recreation purposes, which must be made on a certain date or period.

g) Contracts regarding services performed instantly in electronic environment or intangible goods delivered instantly to the consumer.

h) Contracts regarding services whose performance started with the approval of the consumer before the right of withdrawal expires.

Delivery Information

Due to the different features of the products offered in the categories on our site, transportation and delivery conditions may change from time to time.

It is forbidden to share the themes, packages and modules you have purchased from our site on forum sites without permission, and if detected, legal action will be initiated by e-detection with a notary.

There are absolutely no returns or exchanges for Opencart Theme, Full Package and Php Packages.

We provide 1-year support for theme and module-related problems in our Theme, module and full packages on our site, and a support fee is charged at the end of 1 year.

Modules are sent via wetransfer. You have 7 days of backup time. Modules that have not been downloaded and backed up after this period will not be sent again.

Purchased Opencart Full Package and Themes are Single Domain Licensed and Support is Provided for Single Domain, No files are sent.

In full packages, modules are not provided as separate files.

Balances added to the E-Wallet are not refundable.

By becoming a member of our site and shopping within the scope of this Agreement, you are deemed to have accepted these terms. always reserves the right to make changes to prices and the products and services offered.