Real-Time Notifications
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Version : Oc3x-2.2x-2.3x
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New Purchase Notifications and More (Real-Time Notifications)

Don't Waste Too Much Time Searching for a Product. Find the product you are looking for as quickly as possible by narrowing down your search.

This Module Is Just For You.

This extension shows your store's events to customers.


John from Liverpool, UK has now placed an order. ( New order )

Mojtaba has now created an account. ( New customer )

John from Liverpool, UK currently wrote a review for iPhone. ( New Review )

John from Liverpool, UK just added iPhone to cart! ( Add to Basket )

John from Liverpool, UK just added the iPhone to his wish list! ( Add to Wish List )

John from Liverpool, UK has just added the Apple Cinema 30 to his comparison list! ( Add to Compare List )

John from Liverpool, UK is currently browsing Desktops! (Visit Category)

John from Liverpool, UK is currently browsing MacBook! (Visit Product)

John from Liverpool, UK is currently searching for a mobile phone! (Visit Search)

John from Liverpool, UK is currently browsing Apple! (Visit Manufacturer)

John from Liverpool, UK is currently reading About Us! ( Visit Information )

To try the demo, you can open the store in two different browsers. Then add an item to the cart or place an order, you should see notifications in the other browser.

The module is actively used on our website


Show notifications using AJAX (no page refresh)

Support for multiple events (you can enable or disable any of the events)

Possibility to view notifications in six different positions

Set animation for notifications

Show progress bar for notifications

No core files are changed.

Installation Instructions

- Log in to your OpenCart Admin panel

- Go to Extensions > Installer and install the extension appropriate for your OpenCart version

- Go to Extensions > Extensions > modules > DigitCart - Real-time Notifications > Install and configure.

Compatibility:,,,,,,,,,,,, 3.0. 3.1,,,,,,,

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